10 Tips on How to be a good Lacrosse Player.

How to be a good Lacrosse Player

It’s time to focus on improving your game now that you’ve made the first significant step toward joining the lacrosse community. It will take some time for a complete beginner to fully understand the fundamentals, but there are several tactics you may use to hasten the process. Here are some incredible pointers on How to be a good Lacrosse Player:

Below, we’ll go through these tactics in further depth along with some other quick-improvement tactics. I can claim with confidence that this list only contains exercise tactics that can be proven to work because I have personally used a wide variety of exercise strategies with both success and failure.

How to be a good Lacrosse Player

whenever you can, have a lacrosse stick in your hands.

Being practically inseparable from your lacrosse stick is a tried-and-true method for improving your game quickly.

The inability for players to physically handle the ball with their hands makes lacrosse a little challenging for beginners. In other sports, like football or basketball, players touch the ball with their hands as they execute fundamental movements. They don’t have to practice their sport with a single piece of equipment as much.

Lacrosse is unique in that players should always use their lacrosse cue when making critical decisions about the ball. Beginners nearly usually find it awkward to hold a lacrosse cue at first because they are not accustomed to the crutch of being unable to touch the ball directly.

The only way to get over the weird sensation of holding a lacrosse club is to carry it around with you with a ball.

Bring a lacrosse stick to class. Walking to the practice location will take some time. Even though my family thought I was crazy for packing my lacrosse gear for the summer break, I did.

This is the only method if you want to quickly improve your lacrosse cue comfort. You won’t get immediate results by just using your lacrosse cue throughout practice and competition.

You need to achieve the absurdity where your lacrosse cue appears to be an extension of your arm. You won’t have truly improved as a lacrosse player until then.

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Always use gloves and a helmet when practising

The second strategy to be used is to instill the habit of wearing a helmet and gloves while playing lacrosse. Ideally, you should practice using each of your tools. Even though it might not be the most cozy option, it’s one of the simplest ways to feel more at ease on the lacrosse field.

Beginner lacrosse players frequently take their training sessions too slowly. It’s possible that they aren’t mentally dialing or training as hard as they should. Whether you’re going with a group or alone, every practice session should be approached as if it were the real thing.

Learning the game is important for simulating actual lacrosse matches. Lacrosse has a lot of required protective equipment, which can often get in the way, especially if you’re just starting out.

For instance, a lacrosse helmet might be a significant distraction for newcomers. When the chin strap is overly tight, it can be quite uncomfortable and cause you to lose focus on the game. The player’s field of vision may be obstructed by mask bars that are placed right in front of their eyes. Lacrosse gloves present entirely new issues because there is a layer of material that creates a completely different sensation between the player’s hand and his racket, which can be a little unsettling. Beginners who rely too heavily on their sense of touch to control their play are more likely to struggle as the game goes on and they are compelled to wear gloves.

If you don’t deal with these seemingly little issues in advance, they can get worse. Spend some time getting used to the feel of your gloves and readjusting the fit of your helmet. When it’s finally time to enter the field, you’ll thank yourself.

Establish a daily wallball programme of 20 minutes.

Without a doubt, playing wallball is the finest way to fast improve as a lacrosse player. Ask any seasoned lacrosse coach or player, and they’ll all concur. The fastest approach to notice results is to go outside and play wallball every day.

The act of tossing a lacrosse ball against a solid wall with a lacrosse stick, catching the ball as it bounces, and repeating the procedure numerous times is known as wall ball in the context of lacrosse.

Even though wall ball is rather easy to play, many beginning lacrosse players avoid it because they find it to be too monotonous. It doesn’t seem like the most appealing thing in the world to throw a ball against the same wall for twenty minutes every day.

However, the only effective approach to quickly improve your racquet skills is through this kind of continuous practice. There aren’t many other exercise techniques that allow you to actually build up this kind of daily training load.

It is comparable to launching a basketball or striking a baseball diamond. You must practice passes and footprints a lot, till you become automatic, if you want to take your lacrosse game seriously and advance to the next level.

You can never have too much talent for wallball, which is the terrible truth of lacrosse. Even seasoned lacrosse players, including Paul Rabil, Marcus Holman, and Jordan Wolf, play wallball frequently to hone their stickwork.

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Play around with stick tricks in your free time.

Although this tactic may seem a little unconventional, lacrosse players can really benefit from it.

For those who don’t know, stick tricks are deft movements made with a stick and a lacrosse ball that are more intended to wow teammates than to really help the team win a game.

Contrary to popular opinion, stick tricks for beginners actually aid in improving stick control. On the one hand, a number of stick tricks need a high level of physical dexterity and hand-eye coordination, which are crucial for success in the game.

These techniques also educate players to relax their grip on the lacrosse stick. Too-tight lacrosse stick grips make it difficult for players to “give” the ball, which makes catching difficult.

Consider your most recent attempt at catching an egg. Is it preferable to take the egg with your hands suddenly or to gradually yield as the egg makes contact? It’s obviously the last option. To advance more quickly, try using stickon techniques.

Learn to play games using podcasts and YouTube

When players first start playing lacrosse, they frequently concentrate their efforts on learning the necessary physical skills and ignore the mental component of the game. The cerebral side of lacrosse is equally as significant as the physical side, if not more so.

It may seem challenging at first to try to comprehend all of the fundamental offensive and defensive methods used in lacrosse. It can be tough to know where to begin because of the various terminologies and knowledge gaps.

The reality is that as long as you move forward with understanding the game, it doesn’t matter where you start. YouTube is, in my opinion, a pretty clever tool for learning what lacrosse is. You can get some of the best lacrosse heads on this website for nothing!

Podcasts on lacrosse are an excellent alternative to YouTube for learning more about the game, especially since you can listen to them while going about your daily tasks. You can listen to lacrosse podcasts as you go shopping, play wallball, or even while you’re going to school. The simplicity of podcasts is essentially unmatched when it comes to learning.

Before deciding on any of these platforms, it is important to keep in mind that this website also provides a multitude of beginner-focused lacrosse material. So go ahead and sail!

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Make time for full-speed ground ball drills.

No matter how much experience, racket prowess, or athleticism a player has, there is a part of lacrosse in which they may excel. Fighting for the ground balls is this lacrosse’s promising aspect.

In some games, a ground ball is a ball that is loose on the field and not in the possession of any of the teams. It’s simply another possession to be won, similar to a rebound in basketball.

To be the greatest at winning ground balls, you don’t have to be an All-American athlete. To distinguish out in this industry, all you need is a cutthroat and disengaged mentality. Frequently, the one who wants something the most is the one who splits the victory evenly.

You should focus your time and energy on becoming the finest ground ball scraper you can be because it doesn’t take experience to excel in this particular field.

Simple ground ball drills to fast progress

Put five lacrosse balls on the ground or grass as a quick exercise to enhance your groundball technique. From this point, practice catching each low ball with a perfect technique by running over each one quickly while using your lacrosse cue. You should bear the following in mind as you go through this exercise:

  • Get off the Ball: This mental strategy not only places the ball in the best possible position to be caught, but also shields it from approaching opponents.
  • Your center of gravity is decreased by bending your knees and lowering your ass, which puts you in a more sturdy position to endure physical contact. Next, lower your “two asses” to demonstrate this. Second, the ideal angle for catching the ball is achieved by lowering the back end (the bottom of the lacrosse cue) to the ground.
  • Blow Through the Ball – Novice players frequently stop moving as soon as they get close to the ball, leaving them open to pressure from the defense. Running at full speed, catching the ball, and maintaining the tempo is preferable.
  • Finally, train yourself to run towards the open space after leaving the group of people behind. Standing stationary will surely result in you losing the ball to defensive checks and starting over.

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Give shooting precedence over race timing and room shooting

The pitch in the run needs to be prioritized over all other types of pitches if you want to become extremely quick on the offensive side of lacrosse.

In the fast-paced game of lacrosse, players have very little time to just execute their plays. To keep defenses on guard, every move—including passes, dodges, and throws—should be made as quickly and accurately as possible. Any valuable time you waste gives the defense the opportunity to rest.

This limits the amount of time and space that ball carriers have to open up and fully drop in goal during kickoffs. Ball carriers frequently need to kick in motion to keep themselves both literally and figuratively one step ahead of their defender..

As it is less physically taxing, most inexperienced lacrosse players choose to practice time and room shots instead of shooting in the race. They rather like to remain still and shoot the balls into the goal. Running is, after all, incredibly exhausting. You need to rehearse what you will actually do throughout the game in order to significantly step up your performance compared to other players. Although it might not be the simplest route, it is the one that leads to the most success.

lacrosse tutorial

As many collegiate and professional contests as you can

Not only is it entertaining to watch lacrosse games, but it also improves your lacrosse IQ.

There is a purpose for why teams compete at the university (NCAA) and professional (PLL) levels. They represent the pinnacle of what sports can do. The key models for how newcomers should approach the sport are the pieces they play, the methods they employ, and the persistence they exhibit.

You should pay special attention to outstanding players in your position who play in a manner that is similar to your own to develop your individual lacrosse talents. Keep an eye on them as they misdirect them. Pay attention to where on the field they place their defensive positioning. Watch out for your tendency to shoot.

This enables you to clearly understand how these players are utilizing their advantages. The best form of praise is imitation. Modeling your game after great players is the finest way to pay homage to them.

You will have a thorough understanding of how to play your position if you repeat this process several times with some of your favorite players. To learn what works and what doesn’t, you can do your own experiments. In the end, you will be more prepared to make your mark in the area the more times you try and fail.

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Carry out daily tasks with a free hand

Although it may seem odd, carrying out daily duties with the uncomfortable hand is a tried-and-true method of having two hands on the field.

In lacrosse, having a wide range of skills with both hands helps players become more well-rounded athletes. Defenders will find it lot simpler to knock you out if they know you’re only using your dominant hand. Defenders are unable to play as aggressively when both hands pose a threat.

New lacrosse players ought to divide their time evenly between the two hands right away.

They face the risk of perpetuating the imbalances in their game if they don’t. It can be quite challenging to address these imbalances once they have become ingrained in a player. Unfortunately, the majority of players overlook their secondary hand in favor of enhancing their dominant hand.

Overcoming uncertainty and trusting your improvisation to complete the task at hand are two key components of improving your improvisation. His bodily makeup is remarkably little. The issue is that if you don’t practice improvisation, this mental barrier will simply get worse.

You gradually start to break free of this mental block by performing daily tasks with the awkward hand, which enables you to rely more effectively on the awkward hand in certain situations.

Even less difficult activities can be used for these. Simple tasks like eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, or sipping from a water bottle can count as these.

Sometimes all a player needs is a nudge in the correct direction to make the required changes to their game. These lifestyle adjustments may appear relatively insignificant at first, but they can give you a major mental boost when you pick up your lacrosse cue.

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Jumping rope, stair work, and basketball can all help you develop your footwork.

Your lacrosse skills will advance surprisingly swiftly once your agility and footwork are at their best. For this reason, coordinating your footwork with other physical activity is the best method on this list for improving in lacrosse quickly.

Agility Ladder

Learning how to use the agility ladder is the most obvious approach to enhance your footing. You can choose from a variety of various footwork routines using this straightforward equipment. You may increase your speed and coordination at any level with this variety of exercises.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is a terrific strategy to develop your foot speed in addition to the agility ladder (fountain). This is a crucial element of both attack and defense in lacrosse because of all the sudden changes in direction. Defensive players require quick feet to keep in front of opponents, while offensive players need quick feet to overcome them.

Skipping rope also has the added advantage of enhancing your cardiovascular fitness, which is crucial for playing lacrosse.


If you don’t enjoy the agility ladder or jump rope, basketball has been a huge help to me in developing my own footwork.

I struggled to keep my feet balanced with the defenders when I first started playing lacrosse as a midfielder. I played basketball at the community gym a lot more after my freshman season. As soon as I got out on the field, I was astounded to notice how much my lateral speed had increased.

It’s also important to note that I’ve never been a big fan of jump rope and ladder skills. I would have had a hard time coming up with a fun strategy to improve my weaknesses without basketball.

So don’t be hesitant to try other sports if you need to work on your footwork.

We hope this article on How to be a good Lacrosse Player will help you, also check 10 Tips on how to through a lacrosse ball like a pro?

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