What should you wear for a Lacrosse game?

What should you wear for a Lacrosse game? Here’s complete guide

When you first start playing lacrosse, everything could seem absolutely weird. Even knowing what to wear for a lacrosse game may be challenging, especially when you take into account all the equipment that is required.

Under the protective padding, the majority of lacrosse players wear a short-sleeved t-shirt and gym shorts. In order to wear a protective cape, players also put on compression shorts and a jockstrap. Players generally dress in multiple layers during colder months, including leggings and long sleeve shirts.

The average lacrosse season runs from late February to early March and concludes in May. Players experience a variety of weather throughout the season as a result. In the end, players must adjust their attire to the game’s circumstances.

What should you wear for a Lacrosse game

We’ll go into detail about the equipment that players utilise in both hot and cold weather below. For a thorough explanation of the safety gear that players must cover their garments with, continue reading.

What to wear while playing lacrosse outside in the heat

Because lacrosse is an outdoor activity, it is typically played in warm weather. The players do not need to wear additional layers of clothes because they are already encased in their protective gear. In fact, wearing multiple layers of clothing is not advised because it can result in heat fatigue (source). Running up and down the field helps players produce enough body heat.

The following set is what lacrosse players often wear when it’s hot outside. These outfit ideas also apply to sportspeople who intend to play lacrosse in a covered venue.

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  • Short sleeve t-shirt –

The players of lacrosse often choose this choice. Players frequently use breathable textiles for their jerseys so that body heat can disperse and sweat may evaporate. Players choose tight t-shirts, such as the Nike Dri-Fit t-shirt, to reduce friction because the protective padding typically causes the shirt to rub against the skin.

  • Gym shorts –

Shorts are also quite popular because they don’t hinder movement and let athletes move freely. For those who are unaware, lacrosse players run a lot during a single practise or game. Therefore, running shorts are essentially necessary.

  • Compression shorts –

These are a well-liked lacrosse player addition because they apply pressure where it is most needed. When you run every week, the last thing you want to deal with is friction from wearing regular underwear.

  • Jockstrap –

Players must also wear jockstraps in order to wear protective covers. Players must take steps to protect their groyne because lacrosse is a contact sport.

  • Calf socks –

Additionally, calf socks are preferred by lacrosse players. Because they completely enclose the heel and Achilles tendon, these socks go nicely with lacrosse boots. Your lacrosse boots are more likely to dig into your heel and cause blisters if you don’t have socks on.

Goalkeepers are the team members that typically object to donning gym shorts. In order to lessen the force of kicks to the shins, goalkeepers frequently don sweatpants. Unbelievably, few goalkeepers employ any shin coaches. They only actually possess a coating of cinnamon in their sweatpants, which is a very thin layer of fabric.

lacrosse sport

How to dress for cold-weather lacrosse games

Although lacrosse should be played in favourable circumstances, occasionally players will have to contend with bad weather. Contrary to what people might think, lacrosse can be played in the snow and rain. Therefore, you should dress appropriately unless your game or workout has been cancelled.

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Click if you’re still not sure that lacrosse can be played in the rain. For more details, see Play Lacrosse in the Rain (What to Do and What Not to Do). I’ve had my fair share of practice sessions and games in the cold while playing lacrosse in the Midwest. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, wearing nothing but a T-shirt and shorts will only make you quiver. If you want to look your best, you must create layers.

While still donning jockstraps and compression shorts, players are changing their attire to stay warm on the field. In chilly climates, lacrosse players are expected to wear the following clothing accoutrements.

  • Long-sleeved shirt –

At the beginning of the season when the weather is still chilly, this added layer of warmth can be a player’s saving grace. Players continue to wear clothing with a similar fit to the short-sleeved t-shirt, such as the Heat Gear Men’s Under Armor compression long sleeve t-shirt.

  • Sweatshirt –

If a long-sleeved shirt is insufficient to keep you warm, another alternative is to layer a sweatshirt underneath the padding. Surprisingly, it’s simpler than you may imagine to attach the lacrosse helmet’s protective padding to a hoodie. Use it, nevertheless, only under the most dire circumstances. Wearing a sweatshirt can substantially increase your feeling of being overheated because sprinting over the field produces extra body heat.

  • Leggings –

Players typically prefer to wear warm leggings underneath gym shorts over their sweatpants when they have to go outside in chilly weather. Players can keep their agility on the field by wearing heated leggings and gym shorts. These pants are considerably hotter than the thin fabric would imply, similar to dri-fit long sleeve material.

  • Sweatpants –

To emphasise, players typically only wear sweatpants during really cold weather. They are remarkably good at retaining body heat, albeit at the expense of speed. Despite their best attempts, players often find that the weight of the material slows them down. In other words, only put on sweatpants if you have to.

  • Gloves –

You must keep your hands warm as a player to be able to respond fast and play with your lacrosse stick. You will find it challenging to complete your work in the field if your hands are too cold to move. You can put on thin winter gloves or latex gloves underneath your lacrosse protection gloves for this reason.

  • Wool socks –

Your feet may become cold when the temperature drops significantly, just like your hands might. Wool socks are the ideal to wear if you want to keep your feet warm. If it’s not practicable, you could want to wear many pairs of socks. Socks simply don’t fit in excessively cold temperatures.

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What not to wear in lacrosse?

You undoubtedly want to know what not to use in lacrosse now that we’ve discussed what you should use. A player’s attire might set them up for failure on the field and possibly make injuries more likely. It goes without saying that you should try to stay away from these clothing accessories when out in the field.

  • Glasses –

You will probably occasionally be involved in some violent collisions because lacrosse is a contact sport. Your glasses will probably fall out along with that contact, I’m sure of it. Try wearing contact lenses whenever you can rather than taking the chance of breaking your glasses.

  • Necklaces or Jewelry –

refers to the justification for not wearing glasses. Any necklace or jewelry you decide to wear could be damaged by lacrosse’s physically demanding nature. Additionally, this damage may harm you or other players. You may eliminate this security risk most effectively by keeping your necklaces and jewelry at home.

  • Jeans –

This might be a simple piece of clothing to spruce up the house, but it’s not the best for playing lacrosse. They won’t just be uncomfortable to wear during the marathon; they will also significantly slow you down. Simply simply, denim should never be worn to lacrosse events.

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a list of the safety gear that lacrosse players must wear

A player must wear safety gear in addition to sports clothing to protect themselves from harm. Some of this gear is applied directly to a player’s everyday attire. Here is a list of all the necessary equipment for lacrosse, along with an example of what it looks like, in case you’re unsure of what it is:

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  • Helmet –

To take part in a live game of lacrosse, each player must wear a helmet that has received NOCSAE certification. Any dents, dings, or other imperfections discovered on or inside the helmet are regarded as prohibited. This is a general precautionary measure against head injuries.

  • Mouthguard –

Players are required to wear mouthguards in addition to helmets. This safety item guards against damage to the mouth, jaw, and other dental structures. Without a mouthguard, players cannot participate in official games.

  • Shoulder pads –

Football shoulder pads and lacrosse shoulder pads are significantly dissimilar. They are significantly softer since they are made to absorb contact rather than to provide it. These lacrosse-specific shoulder pads serve as a physical deterrent to upper body checks and baton checks.

  • Jersey or Pinnie –

To identify your squad, you’ll need a bright t-shirt or reversible pinnie over your shoulder pads. They are typically offered by the group or league you are a part of. However, certain intramural or collecting alloys require that you bring your own.

  • Arm Cushions –

Along the fold of your arm, you should apply protective padding. Your elbow region is a target for defensive checks all the time. You would sustain a lot more bruising in this location without arm protectors.

  • Gloves –

The gloves experience the same kind of continual defensive pressure as the elbow area. Players must therefore wrap their hands in several layers of protection. If not, ball carriers wouldn’t be on the field for very long.

  • Boots –

The player’s capacity to run and change direction quickly is crucial in lacrosse. Players have superior traction on the field because to the lacrosse boots’ spikes. Keep in mind that metal binges are completely forbidden. In other words, you can’t play lacrosse in your old baseball shoes!

  • Lacrosse Stick –

On the lacrosse stick, lacrosse is founded. They are used in almost every manoeuvre. It goes without saying that this gear is necessary to play lacrosse.

  • Protective cover –

Last but not least, remember to put on a covering. One errant defensive play is all it takes to make things gloomy. Although it could appear a little awkward at first, it is still useful.

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