10 Things only female lacrosse players understand

Things only female lacrosse players understand

In all sports there are terms, exclamations or behaviors that do not exist in other sports and that are simply integrated into everyday life. This is also the case with lacrosse. As there are differences between male and female lacrosse, there are also differences in these terms, exclamations and behaviors. Today we want to give you a little view of the world of women and therefore tell you 10 things only female lacrosse players understand..

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When someone knocks something over, yell “Ball Down!”

When a ball in lacrosse touches the ground, players frequently yell “Ball Down” to call attention to the ball on the ground. Shouting “Ball down” might occur when something falls to the ground; this behavior quickly become automatic.

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Find the most effective way to put your glasses on.

Glasses and how they are worn are one of the 10 things only female lacrosse players understand. Although they are not a required piece of equipment in the EU, practically all women wear safety glasses when playing sports and occasionally while working out. Every woman requires a few attempts before the glasses are comfortable because the strap holding the glasses to the head is very secure. The band behind or in front of the ears, the band above or under the hair, and so on. Yes, men, these concerns must be addressed before the game.

Things only female lacrosse players understand: Team dinner

What better friends than your fellow lacrosse players? No, actually! Every lacrosse player understands that a lot of the games include a team. Consequently, it has become customary for many teams to host a sizable team supper the evening before a game. Either the crew prepares meals collectively or everyone brings a delectable dish.

Keep the hair ties secured to the stick.

The majority of girls use a thin hair band in addition to an everyday braid since they all detest having their hair hanging in their faces while participating in sports. However, who always considers trifling to be a hair band? Because of this, most braids and hair bands are fastened to lacrosse sticks so you never lose them during a game or practice. a quick rundown of the Things only female lacrosse players understand.

Eyeglass straps that are always sparkling

Each of us is familiar with the popular bikini pattern. When you spend a lot of time in the sun in a bikini and these regions of your body are lighter than the rest. Lacrosse players realise this when wearing goggles as well as bikinis. Some areas are also shielded from the light by the grid and nearby edges. You stroll like that all summer long while wearing striped spectacles. And it is merely one of the illnesses that plague lacrosse girls.

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things only female lacrosse players understand

Mention to the guys why women’s lacrosse is challenging.

Comparable to football Men are always given the highest acclaim, while women—despite generally being more accomplished than men—are relegated to the background because everyone assumes that women follow fewer rules. But bear in mind that just because the regulations are different doesn’t mean they’re any less safe! Yes, women can succeed in challenging sports as well!

The 5-second rule is implemented when a mouthguard falls onto the grass.

For women, mouth protectors are required. As the name implies, it is meant to safeguard the mouth, particularly the teeth. When a lacrosse ball strikes someone, it does so quickly and painfully. The mouthguards, however, cannot be secured and may accidentally fall into the ground. The five-second rule follows. For those who are unaware, this essentially entails that food or drink that has been on the ground for no more than five seconds can still be consumed or put in the mouth since, according to the theory, the bacteria did not have time to congregate on the mouthguards.

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Recognize that there is a team celebration following every significant victory.

Similar to the team meal, the team family frequently gets together to celebrate wins. The celebration grows in size as the victory grows. a custom of ten things that only female lacrosse players are aware of.

Things only female lacrosse players understand: Bruises everywhere

Definitely not a sport for the frail, lacrosse. The girls don’t either. Physical contact is frequently taken into account. Every female is aware that even when you enter the game without a concussion, the defense is largely to thank for your recovery.

Realizing that lacrosse is a lifestyle and not simply a sport

The last point likely has an impact on both men and women who play lacrosse. Lacrosse is a team sport played by individuals who have similar interests and values. Each squad functions as a unit within the larger lacrosse family, much like a family. This is only possible because lacrosse is for all players a way of life and an outlet for expression, not just a sport or hobby. Many people’s lives are described by lacrosse.

We hope you have agreed to most of the 10 Things only female lacrosse players understand and laughed a little while reading these points. also check 8 Tips for eating well and staying healthy

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