What are the different types of lacrosse balls?

Lacrosse balls are an essential piece of equipment in the sport of lacrosse. While they may seem simple, there are different types of lacrosse balls designed for specific purposes and playing conditions. Here are some of the main types of lacrosse balls:

types of lacrosse balls:

1. Standard Lacrosse Balls:

Standard Lacrosse
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  • These are the most common lacrosse balls used in regular play.
  • They are typically made of solid rubber and are white, yellow, or orange in color.
  • Standard lacrosse balls are used in official games, practices, and most recreational play.

2. Colored Lacrosse Balls:

Colored Lacrosse Balls
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  • Colored lacrosse balls are often used for practice or recreational play.
  • They come in various colors like neon green, blue, red, and more.
  • These colorful balls are easier to spot on the field, making them useful for drills and non-official games.

3. Greasers:

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  • Greasers are lacrosse balls that have been treated with a lubricant to make them less grippy.
  • They are primarily used by experienced players to help improve their stick handling skills.
  • Greasers can be more challenging to catch and control, making them suitable for advanced training.
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4. Soft Lacrosse Balls:

Soft Lacrosse Balls:
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  • Soft lacrosse balls are designed for beginners and young players who are learning the game.
  • They are made of softer materials to reduce the risk of injury during practice.
  • These balls are often used for introductory drills and youth lacrosse programs.

5. NOCSAE Certified Balls:

NOCSAE Certified Balls
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  • The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) certifies lacrosse balls that meet specific safety standards.
  • NOCSAE-certified balls are required for official high school and collegiate games to ensure consistent performance and safety.

6. Specialty Balls:

Specialty Balls
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  • Some lacrosse balls are designed for specific conditions or purposes.
  • For example, there are “water balls” with extra buoyancy for water lacrosse, and “box lacrosse balls” designed for indoor play.
  • Specialty balls may have different properties to suit the unique demands of the game.

When selecting a lacrosse ball, consider the level of play, the player’s skill level, and the playing conditions. Standard white or yellow lacrosse balls are suitable for most situations, but specialized balls can be beneficial for specific training needs or game variations. Always check with your league or organization for any regulations regarding the use of lacrosse balls to ensure compliance with safety standards.

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