What is different in the women’s lacrosse field?

The women’s lacrosse field

The women’s lacrosse field has more than 2 goals, a few lines and a few players. There are many things to think about, and each line has a task. We’ve gathered all the crucial details regarding female lacrosse for you in one place because the entire thing can be a little perplexing. There is a post on our blog on male lacrosse if it is anything else you are interested in.


The female lacrosse field is 110 meters long and 60 meters broad. These values, however, can occasionally be exceedingly potent. The minimum dimensions are 91.4 meters in length and 55 meters in breadth. Additionally, four orange or red plastic cones are used to mark the boundaries of the playing area. The center line is a three-meter line that traverses the center of the field parallel to the end lines.

The women's lacrosse field
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The Goals

Goals for women are comparable to those for males. Two vertical poles are present. The crossbar joins these poles together. The crossbar is 1.83 meters long because the goal posts needs to be always 1.83 meters apart. The diameter of each pole must be two inches, and it must be painted silver, white, or orange. The end line and goal will be 12 meters apart. The goal line is positioned between the goal posts to make the goal plane visible. The ground must be fastened to the entrance.

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The women’s lacrosse field: The nets

Cotton or nylon are used for the beacons’ nets. The largest hole in the net can be up to 4 cm in diameter. The goal posts must also be connected to the network. For this, the net should also be secured to the ground 2.1 meters behind the goal line’s center.

Around the goals

You can see that it comes with certain letters in the table below. Dots and lines are now described using these letters. The center point of the goal line is Point D. A circle with a radius of 3 m is drawn to point D. The so-called goal fold is shown here. The area between point H and point D is enclosed by an 11 m-radius semicircle.

Between B and C, or the goal circle and the semicircle, two additional lines are drawn. Every four meters in the semicircle of 11 meters, 31 cm vertical lines are created. There are seven of these lines, sometimes known as hash marks, in either half of the lacrosse field. At point D, Drawn is a second semicircle with a 15 m radius. The goal line also be extended by 15 meters on either side.

The 2 small circles

Each goal should have two tiny circles drawn behind it. They have to have a 15 cm diameter. They ought to be four meters from the goal line’s center and 11 m from the back line.

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The women’s lacrosse field: The goal room

A line is drawn from one sideline to the other on each half of the field. These lines are referred to as goal area lines or waiting lines. Each goal line is 25 meters away from them. The area that now forms between the boundary lines and the finishing lines in each half of the field is known as the goal area.

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Center of the women’s lacrosse field

A circle is also formed by the center close to the three-meter axis. the point where the middle of this circle and the middle of the center line converge. This circle has a radius of 30 miles.

The table of scorer and timer’s

Off-field, the scorer’s and timekeeper’s table. This space is 5 m by 5 m in size and form. This box is 4 meters apart from the last line.

The substitution room

Also outside the pitch is the space for substitutions. 4 x 5 meters. The places for substitution are to the right and left of the stopwatch and sharpener table, respectively. At the right and left ends of a substitution space, there are cones. In order to access or leave the replacement area, players must move through these cones. It is known as a gate.

The team’s bench

Additionally off the field is the team’s bench area. The replacement regions are to the right or left of them. The team bench sections are 18.5 x 5 meters in size.

We hope that we could helped you with this article on The women’s lacrosse field and that now you would have an idea about the field and that You are now aware of what each line’s duties are. On our blog, we hope to see you soon.

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