The STX Stallion Sc-Ti Review

This shaft, the STX Stallion Sc-Ti Alloy handle, is very well made. To build a sought-after and cutting-edge piece of equipment, STX combined modern technology with a number of inventive techniques. Here’s full details on STX Stallion Sc-Ti Review

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STX Stallion Sc-Ti Alloy handle

The new STX Stallion Sc-Ti Alloy handle, an updated version of STX Stallion SC, has been made lighter while still retaining the same level of strength as its forerunner.

In addition to all of this, STX has solved several issues that have improved the player-friendliness of the shaft. Because the shaft has a sandblast finish, you won’t need to add more tape to your grip to make up for it.

Additionally, STX’s patent-pending Shaft Lock technology is present, ensuring a secure fit of the shaft to the head.

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    STX Stallion Sc-Ti Review: Weight and material

    The new Sc-Ti Alloy shaft has been developed with the industry’s finest strength to weight ratio. The shaft is made of a titanium and scandium alloy and weighs about 6.1 ounces. You will receive a strong and long-lasting shaft made of these materials.

    STX Stallion Sc-Ti Review: Shape


    How a lacrosse stick feels in your hands depends on the curvature of the handle. The four short corners of the Sc-Ti are softened into a concave octagon shape.

    This grip form is incredibly durable and comfortable in your hands. Even when wearing gloves, you will be able to feel the rounded edges to sink your fingers into. When you’re cradling, this will make you feel extremely locked-in and secure.

    STX Stallion Sc-Ti Review: Grip


    You’ll be pleased with the handle’s design when you pair it with its sandblasted finish. With this coating, you get a distinct texture that is always noticeable.

    In addition to cradling, also when switching hands or lowering your hands to shoot, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

    You’ll be able to literally feel the handle swiveling in your hands, as opposed to smooth grips. Without a doubt, this sensation will help you handle your sticks better.

    STX Stallion Sc-Ti Review: Durability


    The parts of the shaft that are often most prone to denting can significantly increase their strength thanks to this design.

    In essence, material is added to the inside of the every corners where both side of the handle joins. This strengthens these places of contact and greatly increases their resistance to giving way and, consequently, denting.


    The new STX Stallion Sc-Ti Shaft is a sturdy, high-quality piece of gear that will satisfy more than of your playing needs. Whether you play defense, midfield, or attack, it definitely has something to offer all players. It is both light and sturdy enough for any posture.

    With the creation of this handle, STX has undoubtedly increased the bar for alloyed shafts. You will be pleased to have this as a part of your stick since it is made of titanium and scandium, which give the shaft its main strength, and because of its shape and design, which make it useful.

    Platinum and gunmetal are the two primary color options for this shaft. With purchase of this STX shaft, a 60-day warranty is included.

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