The STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review

The STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is the ideal option for players seeking a balance between flexibility and protection. Here’s the full article on STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review

This piece of gear combines an inventive assortment of padding placement with exceptionally protective material. The pads work together to form a system that can flex and move with your body, allowing you to feel comfortable.

Additionally, the pads’ Two-Timer strap system gives your body a readily adjustable and dependably secure grip.

Any lacrosse player may comprehend the different ways our body change shape and move when engaged in activity. The sensation of having a limited range of motion can be one of our padding’s more frustrating shortcomings.

It’s obvious that you won’t compete as well as you can if you’re not comfortable in your gear. The STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad, however, completely addressed and resolved this problem.

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STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review
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    STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review:


    Of all, the fundamental purpose of protective gear is to keep you safe, and these pads certainly do that.

    In the chest and shoulder regions of the STX Cell V, new D30 aero impact foam is used. This specific kind of foam was created to be supple, lightweight, and flexible.

    With its adaptable intelligent shock absorption, it was also designed to provide the highest level of protection. In essence, the resistance increases as more force is applied to it.

    The padding covers all the usual places in the upper torso, with the sternum, ribs, and collarbone receiving the most attention.

    STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad


    STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review: Shoulder caps


    These shoulder cap sections of the pads have been partly conformed to the collarbone area in order to give them a low profile feel.

    Players that are more concerned with shoulder mobility are especially fond of this design option. Therefore, if you’re seeking for a little greater range of motion, you’ll undoubtedly find it here.

    There is minimal need to worry about being protected there, even though you are getting a little more motion in the shoulder area. Given the highly practical foam padding used in these areas, the collar bone padding in combination with the upper arm sections will provide a very fair amount of protection.

    STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review: Chest/sternum/back protection


    It’s simple to understand what these pads are used for if you just glance at the chest region of them. The new Cage FLX bib system is used for the chest, sternum, and back areas; as a result, you’ll receive a lightweight, durable pad that can move with you.

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    STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review:
    Upper arm protection


    You’ll discover that with many upper arm pads on shoulder pads, they either accomplish their job well or are just deficient in one or even more areas.

    This padding’s primary function is to prevent slashes to upper arm; if it can accomplish this while remaining in place and feeling comfortable, it’s a wonderful pad.

    The paneled design of the STX Cell V makes it easy to wrap around any arm, and the straps can be fully customized to your preferences.

    STX Cell V Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Review:


    The STX Cell V is absolutely unmatched when it comes to comfort. These pads were meant to be extremely comfortable while playing in every way possible.

    These pads address every concern regarding how you will feel when wearing them, going above and beyond simply not being bulky and heavy. Problems with flexibility, unwanted shifting, and even constrained movement are all fixed with this set of shoulder pads.



    A premium piece of gear, the STX Cell V Shoulder Pads will unquestionably give you an advantage on the field. Every element and detail of these pads’ design has been carefully thought out.

    They created this piece of equipment using new technology and manufacturing techniques with the primary goal of providing comfortable protection, setting a new bar for comfortable gear.

    A 30-day warranty from the original purchase date is provided for these pads.

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