New Balance Men’s Burn X 3 Lacrosse Cleats Review

Many people are curious about the quality of these New Balance Burn X cleats after New Balance entered the lacrosse market. In many different sports, New Balance has developed a reputation for making the most comfortable footwear currently available, but they have not yet extended this trend into lacrosse. Here’s full article on New Balance Men’s Burn X 3 Lacrosse Cleats Review

I’m thrilled to offer a detailed analysis of these shoes after investing numerous hours testing and examining these cleats. These were previously listed in our guide to the most comfortable lacrosse cleats, as you may already be aware. If you’re looking for the top cleats available right now, this is worth reading. Nothing is worse than investing in a new pair of cleats that pain your feet or don’t fit properly.

I won’t claim that this is the most cutting-edge review in which I discuss the various foams and materials that were used to make the shoe. However, if you want to determine whether these cleats are a good, comfortable pair and

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New Balance Men's Burn X 3 Lacrosse Cleats
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    When you first glance at the bottom, the coating appears crazy! The soleplate’s coating obviously wears off over time as it does so when they become dirty from being abused.

    But what I think is truly cool is how the coating on the cleat nearly makes it appear scorched when viewed from the side. Not a big deal, but New Balance did it in a cool way.

    These come in a variety of colors, but the all-white version is my favorite because it is both stylish and difficult to find because it tends to have such a hip appearance.

    The cleats’ engineered mesh upper, which is a sturdy upper with built-in padding for comfort, is almost never mentioned by New Balance.

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    Any sports enthusiast will be aware that New Balance is a major player in the footwear market and is renowned for producing shoes that are incredibly comfortable. The Burn X 3 is the same. The first thing you notice when you put these on is how soft and cozy they feel on your feet. Additionally, they are not as stiff as some of the less expensive alternatives, which can be awful to run in.

    Dual density TPU is the actual material used in the cleats, giving them their awesome feel and comfort.



    These cleats, in my opinion, offer a roomier fit. The Freeze cleats were notorious for having a toe box that was relatively tight, making them difficult to wear for long periods of time for players with large feet. Burn X 3, on the other hand, are excellent for players with wide feet and you won’t experience any pain at all. The cleats still fit like a glove and are fantastic to run in, so this doesn’t imply they’ll feel loose.

    On the inside, you can see a blue foam insert that is quite bouncy and feels incredibly soft, making them excellent for jogging. This is New Balance’s top-tier cushioning material, which is excellent if you play a lot of games or even a few in a single weekend.

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    These cleats’ tongues have an intriguing feature in that one side of them is detached. So, if you’ve seen the Freeze cleats, you’ve probably noticed that they had a tongue that floated more conventionally. The Burn X 3’s detachable tongue stop helps with turf beads in your cleats by preventing tongue migration on the shoe.

    New Balance Burn X 3 Lacrosse Cleats Review



    These sneakers are specifically made for those of you speed runners. The side cleats of the New Balance Freeze cleats, which are intended for planting your foot and cutting, kind of stick out when you look at them. These Burn X 3’s have a different use because they are excellent for acceleration and anyone who needs to react quickly.

    Due to their extreme flatness and angularity, the studs themselves greatly aid in both the first quick step and straight-line speed.



    The majority of you are undoubtedly thinking now how much it will cost to enjoy all of these advantages. To be fair to New Balance, these are not actually that pricey in comparison to some of the other options out there. While their Freeze LX sneakers are arguably the top of the line, I would classify this item’s price as mid-range.

    You could definitely get two of these for that amount as cleats typically cost up to $130 for the very best options. They are actually more comfy on your feet than some of the more expensive shoes, I’d even say.


    Overall, comfort is the main focus of these! With New Balance entering the lacrosse industry and being known for making cozy shoes, these are definitely a market leader. These are also incredibly light on your feet, great for quick players looking for acceleration, and simply simple to move around in. You probably won’t find too many other shoes that will be more comfortable than these if comfort is important to you.

    We hope this article on New Balance Men’s Burn X 3 Lacrosse Cleats Review helped you. Go get them..

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