Maverik M5 Lacrosse Gloves Review

Being the 5rd addition to the Maverik Maybach family of gloves, the Maverik M5 is a premium glove that is focused on practicality. With this glove, Maverik really thought about your personal needs. Here’s complete article on Maverik M5 Lacrosse Gloves Review

We’ve all been there, after a while our gear, especially the ones we are wearing close to our body start to get smelly, crusty, and just more of a bother to have to wear. Aside from our stick, our gloves are what we’re going to be really dealing with the most. Even in backyard sessions of catch or wall ball, some players do wear them.

Therefore, you’ll definitely want your gloves to be wearable at all times. It should not easily absorb heat, perspiration, or odors over an extended length of time.

These issues can be solved by the M5 gloves thanks to their material choices.

Maverik M5 Lacrosse Player Gloves
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    When it comes to protecting your hands, gloves are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment to concentrate on. Your hands and wrists are a complex and large group of tissues that need to be protected with extreme care.

    Shark gel, a form of cushioning commonly used in Maverik’s Maybach line of equipment, is used as the padding on the gloves. Shark gel is made to change from being soft and flexible to becoming incredibly dense when struck.

    This is essentially the ideal padding for gloves in situations where there will be numerous minor impacts that you don’t necessarily want to feel.

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    Regarding lacrosse gloves, comfort is crucial. They are one of the few pieces of protective equipment in sports in general where comfort will be a key consideration. Although safety is always the main priority, you still want to feel as comfortable as possible while wearing your gloves.

    The gloves’ Sharkgel padding makes them incredibly gentle on your hands. The padding is arranged in sections that are easily flexible with your hand.

    Additionally, the material used for the gloves’ palms is designed specifically to keep your hands comfy for a long time. To provide a cool, breathable environment while yet enabling a nice grip and feel to the shaft, Inhaler Palm and Ax Suede is employed.

    On the cuffs, the 37.5 Cocona Liner technology makes sure that any moisture is blasted away from your hand. Additionally, the gloves have a Flow cool vent on the back that will increase cooling.


    Because of the conventional fit profile of these gloves, the fingertips and backhand will have more room. Your hands will be kept safe and secure while still being quite cozy. The cuffs can also be adjusted to your preferences, depending on whether you want more protection or more mobility.


    As previously mentioned, the Inhaler Palm and Ax Suede allow the gloves’ palms to be cool while still being functional. With this combination, you shouldn’t have any issues getting a secure grip on the shaft.

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    Use and abuse

    These gloves were designed to be useful, and a big part of usefulness is being strong and lasting.

    Avoiding allowing a lot of bacteria and moisture to remain within gloves is important for maintaining their functionality. Bad odors are brought on by bacteria, and when mixed with moisture, they can cause the materials used to make the gloves to degrade. These gloves are well ventilated, so they will prevent these harmful effects without a doubt.

    Additionally, these are a quality pair of premium gloves. They are built from the ground up to be sturdy. You can expect to use the M5 gloves for a while.

    Maverik M5 Lacrosse Gloves Review: Conclusion

    The Maverick M5 gloves will unquestionably fulfil all of your playing needs.

    It is obvious that the goal in this situation was to make you appreciate donning gloves. You won’t be concerned about your gloves staying cool or being a burden, so that’s absolutely a possibility here.

    A stick is supposed to be an extension of the body. You’ll be able to make that extension feel natural with the aid of these gloves.

    The gloves come with a 30-day replacement period under the same warranty terms as all other Maverik protective gear. If you visit Maverik’s glove customizer website, the gloves can also be ordered in any color right from the manufacturer. Any color scheme and even different glove styles are available to you.

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