The Cascade XRS Helmet Review

Cascade XRS Helmet Review

There must be new Cascade helmets. We all know they’re coming, but just like your favorite holiday, you can’t help but feel enthusiastic about it even if you’ve celebrated it many times earlier. Cascade never stops stepping on the throttle, and each new release keeps us secure than the previous one while also improving our comfort and aesthetic appeal. I can’t wait for you folks to experience how well-refined the Cascade XRS is. Here’s a complete Cascade XRS Helmet Review:

Cascade XRS Helmet Review
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I honestly don’t see the Cascade S’s original Vision Bar disappearing on later Cascade versions, therefore its back. It’s a good concept that the XRS’s predecessor has shown to be effective. With the XRS, the “tail pipes” (rear vents) also are making a comeback. Somehow, the airflow we observed in the S Cascade has been enhanced. The XRS’s weight distribution makes it feel like a cap than a helmet, making it ideal for tournament weekends when you wear your helmet the majority of the time. This helmet is, to put it briefly, VERY comfy.


Its A double Jaw Deflection is a novel feature for the Cascade XRS. If you’ve ever had a shot in your ear hole, you are aware of how uncomfortable it is. The Jawbone was a simple piece of plastic that expanded from the chin back more towards the ear on Cascade’s prior helmet, the Cascade S, and was intended to lessen force on a side of the head. The Cascade XRS has strengthened its defenses by incorporating a second impact-dispersing protective plastic stripe.

With its Tri-Liner System, the XRS is loaded with technology that protects the brain. Realizing how much time and attention Cascade places into security and safety, you know it’s going to go over and beyond to protect even if it’s light and almost unbearably comfortable. Your noggin.

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Whenever it comes to lacrosse, style is everything—or at least very important—and Cascade has improved their personalization game. Five programmable zones on the Cascade XRS allow for a total of 9.6 million colour choices. The Jawbone now comes in three colors: black, white, and grey, as opposed to the S model’s only colour option of black.


You’ll adore it if you’re a lover of Cascade helmets, which you undoubtedly are. The XRS is not an exception to the rule that every Cascade helmet has improved over its forerunner. Amazing protection technology is integrated into this helmet, and when combined with the previously unheard-of level of ease and the iconic Cascade design, the result is a piece of gear that is absolutely stunning.


The Cascade XRS, which was just released, is swiftly dominating the market. We have seen this brand-new piece of security equipment spring up everywhere, from PLL games this season to Major DI fall ball. The outside double jawbone is the most obvious improvement with this helmet. This is the component of the XRS’s outside jaw that wraps both low and high. The game will be that much safer only because of this one feature.

The 360 fit covers every part of the head, makes the helmet more pleasant and reducing any impact points had existed in earlier helmets, along with numerous other improvements. It goes without saying that this is the most technically advanced helmet ever to enter the lacrosse industry, making it an excellent option to consider.

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