Adidas Lacrosse Cleats Review

The Adidas Lacrosse Cleats Firm Ground definitely performs a good job of enhancing performance. Many delighted gamers praise it and declare their determination to purchase other pairs when new colorways become available. This Lacrosse cleat is evidence that even if a shoe has a high price tag, customers will be willing to pay it if it lives up to expectations.

Adidas Lacrosse Cleats

You will love the Adidas Lacrosse Cleats

An enthusiastic reviewer calls these cleats “excellent touch, control, shooting, and speed” lacrosse cleats. According to another, these shoes might “provide you the level up on the field.” A user praises Adidas for their “amazing creation,” giving them a very well pat on the back.

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Exceptionally well-made, this shoe

One can tell that this shoe was skillfully made just by looking at it. Particularly in the upper, the materials utilized feel good against the skin.

Wear this cleat in total comfort.

The Adidas lacrosse cleats are praised as “one of the coziest footwear” available by a lacrosse player. Another user chimes in to say that this shoe’s ability to provide such high levels of comfort is due to being “padded in all of the right areas.”

With the Adidas lacrosse cleats, grip is guaranteed.

Many players claim that the spikes may effectively dig into the ground, stabilizing each step. The stud design is actually “adaptable to numerous surfaces,” according to one commenter.


  • Excellent overall performance
  • Commendable quality
  • Good grip on hard surfaces
  • Amazing comfort
  • Lightweight design
  • Stylish appearance.


  • Only for narrow feet;
  • Restrictive in Starting

The Adidas Adizero Cleats are as light as a feather.

Without a doubt, Adidas Lacrosse cleats are heavier than usual. Thankfully, numerous players confirm that this shoe feels quite light when worn on the forefoot. They even say, “Feel like I’m shoeless,” one of them.

Looks good and works well

One player remarked, “They look wonderful.” They are shared by a number of others. With these lacrosse cleats from Adidas, you can stop and turn in an instant. Get aggressive and lace up some light stability and support.

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