Which position should you choose in Lacrosse?

Full Guide on which position should you choose in Lacrosse

Do you know what position you should play in lacrosse? Or are you only now learning? You are aware that there are various positions available if you are the last. Even while you may always choose the position you want, doing so is not the best option because each one calls for a unique set of talents. Here’s a complete guide on which position should you choose in Lacrosse?

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So how do you decide which position in lacrosse to play? Here is a guide to help you determine which one is best for you based on the talents you already have or wish to develop.

4 lacrosse positions

Lacrosse has four positions: midfield, offence, defense, and goalie. Know the differences between these roles?


How does the assailant act? A striker’s job is to score as many goals as they can in a game, as the name suggests. What else are you going to do makes it seem simple. This is more easily said than done, though, as with any function in lacrosse.

You should be able to spot goal opportunities that other players typically miss as a striker. You’ll be searching for weaknesses in the opposition’s defense while the others are occupied getting the ball. Therefore, you are aware of how to thwart your opponent’s attempts to take the lacrosse ball when it is your turn to shoot.

It’s not merely for celebrity and glory, despite the fact that intruders frequently draw notice because they are the ones who shoot. There is a lot of pressure on strikers to score goals. That attention will turn against you if you make a mistake.

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The lacrosse defensemen of today are some of the team’s strongest players. How come? You will lose the game if your defense is weak since your opponents’ attacks won’t be stopped. Don’t give up if you want to become a guardian since you won’t always be the center of attention.

As a defender, it is your responsibility to stop your adversary from scoring. That’s rather straightforward, but you should also check your defenses for any gaps. It’s difficult to defend a large field when your team only has two additional defenders. Therefore, if you believe that defenders are not crucial, reconsider.

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Despite what might seem, midfielders are not restricted to playing in the middle of the field. They are actually diametrically opposed. Contrary to popular assumption, midfielders are individuals who move freely over the pitch without regard to their position. They can therefore move around freely.

Great, isn’t that right? There is a problem, though. Being a midfielder requires you to be a versatile player. You must therefore be able to play both the defensive and offensive positions because there is a probability that you will both be involved in the same match.

So what exactly does a midfielder do? Try to always have the ball. Although you don’t need to carry the ball around with you at all times, you must make sure that your team does. You will assist with passing balls and making throws.

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You have a goalkeeper at the end. The goalkeeper’s job is to keep the kicks out of the goal. Because he is his team’s final line of defense and stops the opposition from kicking, one may say that the goalkeeper defends.

The goalkeepers shouldn’t be waiting for the attack in the net. Not at all, no. In network games, the goalkeeper also observes the opposing team’s attack. He will then be able to predict which side they will attack from and how. The goalie should be able to spot any weaknesses in his team’s defense because if he can, so can the other team.

Each Lacrosse position has specific skill requirements.

You require particular skills for each position you want to play, as was already established. Despite the fact that all occupations require a certain set of talents, it is essential to become an expert in the ones that your job specifically calls for. You can improve your tactics and maneuvers as a result, giving your side a winning advantage.

Which position should you choose in Lacrosse

Are you curious about what these abilities are? The abilities required for each position in lacrosse are listed below.


An attacker may not always be aware of the abilities they require. Speed and agility are obviously the prerequisites, but they are required for every position in lacrosse! What other abilities do you still need to develop?

You must first have superb ball control. To make the most of your possession of the ball, you must be able to think quickly and know what to do with it. The second requirement is having a sharp eye. No, not pretty eyes, but excellent hand-eye coordination so you can spot the scoring opportunities with ease.

You should also be proficient at footwork. You won’t be able to run and position yourself to pitch if your footwork is poor. You obviously need to be able to move your body fast and correctly. Additionally, having quick reflexes will improve your overall skill set.

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You already know how difficult a quarterback’s job is. You should be able to cover as much ground as you can with three people on a piece of paper to make sure your opponent can’t get through any gaps.

Which do you require? Speed and fast reflexes are unquestionably vital abilities you’ll need. You must be able to react quickly and change your defense if the opponent gets the ball. You must practice agility as well because it plays a significant role in this.

Advocates need to be adaptable. Beyond height, the defender must have rapid standing movement. But just one-third of the battle is won through footwork. For the others, a solid defensive plan must be combined with rapid thinking. These abilities will enable you to ensure a strong defense and make it difficult for your adversary to launch an attack.


Do you require the abilities of a defender and a striker as a versatile position (apart from goalkeeper)? something similar While having all of these abilities is great, speed and strength should be your top priorities if you only have time for two.

You must be swift to begin with. You should be able to adapt rapidly because you can play defense at any time. As soon as the team has control, you ought to be able to defend. As a result, agility plays a significant role in a linebacker’s success. Second, you must possess exceptional abilities. How come? This is so that you can shoot whenever you want. Always pay attention to the stick’s grip and aim because it affects your ability to shoot accurately.

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Have you ever witnessed a goalkeeper who was unable to stop the ball because their footwork and physical exertion were incompatible? The best course of action is to develop hand-eye coordination because you surely don’t want this to happen to you. If you are defending the network, having excellent hand-eye coordination is crucial. For obvious reasons, if you master this, you can stop any ball-hitting efforts.

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You’ll also need to have quick reflexes. When blocking attempts, a rapid reflex is essential. It is best to constantly be prepared to block or jump and block when playing lacrosse because the kick might come from anywhere and from any location.

Recovery is still ongoing. Most people who aspire to be goalkeepers don’t consider that, but it’s a skill to be taken into account. You are more likely to be struck by fast kicks as a goalkeeper. You will be able to stand up and immediately assume the proper stance if you have the capacity to quickly recover from these shots.

How do you decide which position is best for you?

You need to be realistic, just as in any other sport. If you can’t see it, what good is it to be an attacker? Although you may always work hard and pick up new talents, why not attempt the defensive position if you are a superior defender?

Always weigh what you have and what you desire while determining which position to play. Reflexes and hand-eye coordination are both traits that some people are born with. Even if you’ve recognized these skills, you can still ask your coach for advice if you’re unsure about which position to play.


Each lacrosse position has its own skills that you should practice. Knowing the skills you need will help you determine which position you want to play in. If at first you don’t know, don’t worry. You will be able to figure out which position works best for you after a few workouts.

We hope this guide on which position should you choose in Lacrosse helped you on choosing the right position for you, also check 10 Best things to learn from Lacrosse

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