What is Intercrosse – Here’s the true explanation?

What is Intercrosse –

Simply put, intercrosse evolved from lacrosse. As a result, it differs from lacrosse in that it has modified rules and a unique plot. In addition to involving a ball, it is a team sport. The fact that this sport is played without physical contact is really where it differs most from lacrosse. Read on to learn more about what is intercrosse and what it has in common with lacrosse.

What is Intercrosse: Facts

It is quite easy to sum up the intercrosse’s fundamental facts. Popular sport intercrosse developed from American lacrosse. The game has a plastic basket at the top and is played with a racquet. The ball can be caught, passed, or thrown by this basket. The ball is slightly bigger than a tennis ball and is constructed of soft rubber. This is how the game operates:

The four field players on each team attempt to pass the ball to their goalie throughout the course of four 12-minute halves. The objective is to land as many hits in the opposition’s goal as you can. Attacks can’t go on for more than 30 seconds. As long as there is no contact between the body and the baton, no protective gear is often needed.

What is Intercrosse

Only the goaltender is outfitted with a helmet and armor like a hockey goalie. The goal is the same size as a street hockey goal, and the playing area is comparable to a handball court. Indoor intercrosse is a sport for people of all ages and genders. In this sport, it’s crucial to have quickness, teamwork, and fairness.

Intercrosse’s past

Sport has historical roots, so we list its development from the earliest times to the present. As was already established, American lacrosse is where intercrosse got its start. The first people to play lacrosse were the Native Americans of North America or Canada, who called it “Baggataway” and played it in its original format. Several hundred men were collaborating at the moment to be ready for battle. The first formal lacrosse team was established in Canada in 1856, which is also where the modern game of lacrosse got its start. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our blog post on lacrosse’s complete history.

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The intercrosse in Europe, a disembodied variation of lacrosse, first appeared in the 1980s. This sport was initially played in France. Intercrosse is growing in popularity as a result of the fact that it can be played year-round indoors in a sports pavilion. Men and women play together since there is no gender segregation. The World Intercrosse Federation was established in 1985 as the next step.

What is Intercrosse: Expansion

Nowadays, intercrosse is played widely, particularly in Europe. The World Games, World Games, and World Championships were all routinely officiated by FIIC. The World Games are unique because they bring together participants from all over the world, who are then sorted into teams at random at the start of the competition.


In 1995, Swiss Lacrosse and Intercrosse were established there. Intercrosse is currently played at three locations by four teams, while further teams are currently forming. The Green Buzzwards and Rookys, the Hurricanes, and the Aquillas all hail from Rickenbach, Herzogenbuchsee, and Basel, respectively. Since 2011, there has been a single annual Swiss Games event.


Since 2009, six teams have competed in Germany’s intercrosse league: The newest team is CVJM Dautphetal, followed by CVJM Brackwede, Essen Eagles, LA Panthers, CVJM Bad Marienberg, and ASC Rating West Bumble Bees. Additionally, Germany hosts a lot of competitions all year round. Intercrosse Verband Deutschland (IVD) was reorganized in 2011. Since the 2010–2011 season, the LA Panthers have played in the Master League.


In 2010 an additional section was added to the Austrian Lacrosse Federation to accommodate Intercrosse. This department’s duties include encouraging teachers to teach physical education to kids and bringing sports to schools. Austria’s first intercrosse squad, Vienna Ewoks Intercrosse, was established in 2011.

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In the rest of Europe, intercrosse is played differently depending on the location. It occurs far more frequently in the Czech Republic than in Austria, Switzerland, or Germany. For instance, the Christmas Cup is one of several prominent international events that the Czech league often holds in Prague. They have also dominated the World Cup along with Canada since since the sport’s debut.

Basic rules of Lacrosse

What is Intercrosse: Rules

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to fully explain all of the sport’s rules here; otherwise, this would be a complete list of rules. Nevertheless, we have provided you with a summary of the key ones:

The absence of any melee or melee contact is what matters most. Additionally, the racket itself directs the ball. Therefore, he was unable to be struck by a bat like in baseball or by a person. The ball cannot be touched for longer than five seconds in the basket. The player can only walk, stand, and follow the star’s step when he receives the ball, as is done in basketball. The ball could fall to the ground at any time.

If this occurs, he can be stopped or taken back with a baton. While competing, you must hold the stick in both hands, albeit one hand may be used for picking up, throwing, or catching. The player who returns the ball to play after it has left the field has two options: pass it to a player on the sidelines or carry it himself.

There is a semicircle in front of the gate that the attackers are unable to enter. This is crucial for defense because it’s against the law to cover the zone or “double” an attacker, making partner coverage essential. If you are interested in learning about other regulations, we have already looked at a large number of them.

We hoped to educate you about lacrosse, introduce you to something new, and pique your interest in yet another lacrosse modification. It’s amazing what a sport can accomplish.

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