8 reasons why women love lacrosse players since we are confident that you are not even aware of all of them.

1. Personality The majority of lacrosse players are neither impolite nor haughty. They are cheerful all the time.

2. Violence Although the game's events appear to be rough, the participants continue to play thereafter. This is a small part of the desired bad-boy effect.

3. Style Lacrosse has a distinct fashion sense that no other sport can match, including wayfarers, colourful and fluorescent shorts, ripped nike socks, and pennies.

4. Kindness Everyone supports everyone, regardless of where they are from or how tough it may be to do so, is a maxim among lacrosse players.

5. Jerseys Lacrosse is the only sport that has produced jerseys that are as strange, distinct, and humorous. What appeals to women more than comedy and originality?

6. Body In most cases, lacrosse players have a physically fit body. They work out vigorously each week, which is obviously required if you want to play lacrosse well.

7. Respect Every woman deserves to be treated with decency and respect, and lacrosse players provide it to you.

8. Positivity Almost nothing can make a lacrosse player fall behind. They consistently maintain a cheerful outlook and make the most of each day.

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