there are different shaft types available – particularly in terms of materials. Therefore, we will show you a range of different kinds of the shaft:

Aluminum Shaft Its favourable weight-to-hardness ratio Even as a goalkeeper, the aluminium shaft is playable in every position.

Titan Shaft The Major League Lacrosse pros favour it beyond anything others.

Composite Shaft Typically, the composite lacrosse shaft is rubberized, making the grip tape superfluous.

Alloy Shaft As numerous manufacturers blend the metals, an alloy lacrosse shaft offers various metals' qualities. The combination gives the sticks' surface a distinctive look and a distinctive feel.

Scandium Shaft Because they provide a terrific ball feel and are long-lasting, these shafts are appropriate for all field positions, including the goalkeeper.

Wood Shaft Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans, and these men used wooden sticks to play the sport. Its lifespan and stability and strength are two of its benefits.

Hopefully we could help you to find your shaft what suits you most.

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