1. We work as a team! The success depends on all of the participants. Lacrosse is a team sport, and no player can win the game alone.

2. Don't remain still. With the intention of being the player who makes a difference in games, you should practise, train, and improve.

3. Keep left It is crucial that you briefly stand, take a deep breath, and then immediately begin the game again.

4. Be respectful of your team members Every player on the squad is crucial. There is just no time or place for disrespect or any drama when everyone is here to have fun.

5. Study lost games. It's crucial to walk off the field with your head held high; else, you'll kick yourself afterwards.

6. Practice, practise, practise You should continue to train in order to develop your talent rather than solely relying on it.

7. Respect for authority If you don't treat them with the respect they merit, they won't respect you.

8. Have faith in your plans By placing your faith in novel game-playing techniques, you can discover new aspects of lacrosse's potential.

9. Learn through observation Learn from your own accomplishments and failures as well as those that take place around you.

10. Enjoy the game In general, sports are played for enjoyment, and lacrosse is no exception. Enjoy playing the game.

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